Please send an email with the following information:

  • The size commission that you would like

  • Style & Colors

  • Photograph of the space the painting will be placed in. (optional)

  • Whether or not you would like framing and which kind.

  • Any other specific information that you would like me to know about the painting that you would like created for YOU.

After I receive this information I can come up with a plan (with your input) to create something special just for you!

A home or office consultation is something I like to do (if you are in the Tampa Bay area) in order for me to get an idea of what you are looking for/inspiration for your painting.

I require 50% of the total cost of the painting up front and once that has been paid I will begin your painting as soon as possible. I will give an estimated completion time which will be determined based on my schedule and about the length of time to complete your painting. Another 50% is due during pick-up or delivery. I will provide a quote based on the specific information provided and the cost will be determined upon size, details, time and square foot.

If framing is something that you would like please make sure to request the type of framing, my personal recommendation are floater frames based on my style of work.

x, Kelly